Sylvie Odette & Ollie Augustus

While pregnant with my third daughter, my two older daughters requested a puppy. I promised them a puppy once I potty trained my third daughter. A couple years later, my girls remembered that promise and I began searching for a family-friendly bird hunting dog to make everyone in our family happy. I came across this article and immediately searched for Brad Boisen’s contact information at Chenil de Grand Ciel.
We were fortunate to find that Brad had a litter of puppies at Chenil de Grand Ciel. We immediately fell in love and wanted to add another dog to our family. As there are so few breeders in the U.S. it took a while to find another dog. In that time, we decided to pursue breeding this beautiful and versatile breed of Braque Francais.
We found a breeder who is also an Orvis Field Guide. We confirmed the lineage to be certain that our Sylvie Odette and Ollie Augustus came from two distinctly separate breed lines.
This brings us to our beautiful litters of puppies, one of whom you may be interested in adding to your family. As Ollie and Sylvie are considered members of our family, we keep our dogs in our home, including the puppies. In fact, Sylvie labored and delivered her puppies in our living room where we still care for them.
You will find in the following Gun Dog article that our philosophy is very much like that of Karen and Mike. We expect that our potential owners will continue the same love and respect for our puppies that we have shown. Many are interested in this breed for their amazing hunting ability, but their loyal and loving personalities make them a part of the family.
The litter will be examined by our vet, tails docked, and dewclaws removed. Vaccinations will begin within a couple weeks and they will continue to be monitored closely by our vet. The amazing trainers at Cold Nose College have provided activities to reinforce training and establish socialization for our puppies so that their transition into your home is successful.
We are planning a litter in 2018 which will be available to you in Spring 2018. To commit a puppy, we will need to receive a deposit in the amount of $300 submitted via PayPal. We will post Instagram and Facebook updates so you may follow along with our Sylvie Odette and her litter. Each puppy will be given a whelping collar, so preference will be given according to the time of deposit. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@thehuntpointers). You can private message or email us with any questions at and we can arrange a time to discuss this opportunity over the phone.


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